What to Expect at C.H.C.

You can expect a warm and friendly greeting when you walk in the door! 

No matter where you are from or what you wear, the folks at Cowboy Heritage Church will go out of their way to welcome you and your family! 



Our Mission is to:

Rope the lost and turn them to Jesus. Herd the strayed back on God's trail, and allow the  saved to graze on God's Goodness for Eternal Life.


Come and go as you please.

No Pressure!

We let people come and go anonymously. 

Of course we want you to become a member of C.H.C, but we respect your privacy. With that said, we do not pass an offering plate. If your heart leads you to give, we provide a place for that.

We seldom do altar calls.

While going in front of the church is an age old tradition, is does make some folks a little uncomfortable. We want it to be comfortable for you to receive prayer and to help you to a place where you will want to accept Jesus Christ into your life. 

You are always invited to express your praise, sing with the band, and pray with us. 

Baptism is one way that we are to publicly profess our faith in Christ.